The local chamber of commerce put on an event a few years back to teach younger people about saving for retirement, and I stopped by with a friend more or less by chance – it was in the building right next to our office, they offered free beer and we just happened to be free that night. It was an eye opening experience – long story short where I live, people in my generation who do not save anything for retirement in private accounts are looking at a pretty steep decline in living standard when they retire and/or a high retirement age.

Ever since that day I’ve saved at least 10% of my paycheck for retirement (my preferred method is to set up an automatic monthly contribution to an index fund, and then forget all about it), and I’m hoping to bump up that number in the future. It never ceases to amaze me how many people my age don’t save anything for retirement, figuring it’s so far off they’ll work it out later (if this is you, please, start today, compound interest is your friend!), yet I could easily have been in that category myself if I hadn’t happened to learn about it.

Why is it that the things that are good for us – saving for retirement, going to bead early, regular exercise, folding and putting away laundry right away – is just so… boring and difficult to get yourself to do?