I’m guilty of constantly “living” in the future. I dream and worry about the future in almost equal measure – about what a perfect morning routine I’ll have once the baby’s sleep is more predictable, and how well I’ll dress once I lose those 10 extra pounds, and how clean I’ll keep the apartment once all the cupboards and dressers have been decluttered, and how it’ll be to go back to work, and whether I will ever write as well as I would like to, and a million other things.

The point is, I’m very rarely able to accept and settle down to actually being in the present. I’m not talking about mindfulness type meditations on presence, I just wish I could swap these “once x, then I will do y perfectly” type dreams with actually just starting to do the thing I eventually want to be doing right now, and that I could let go of the endless loops of thoughts about possible problems far in the future that may never even materialize. But how do I go about shutting down these ingrained thought patterns – where to start?