I’m having such a hard time being strict with myself in my decluttering efforts. I keep running into the sunk cost fallacy – if I spent money on something that turned out to be not great, it feels awful to let it go without ever really using it, so I keep trying to convince myself that surely I can find a way to make it work, and so I should just keep it for now. For me, the only way to avoid falling in this trap seems to be being extremely strict with myself about what I get to keep. It’s almost painful letting go of perfectly good things that I spent good money on, but the reality is a lot of them I just do not need or like. And what’s more, keeping them seems to bring up negative emotions because whenever I see them I think about the money I wasted on them and the space they’re continuing to take up. How is it that it seems easier to deal with the constant low level feelings of annoyance these things bring, rather than push through the one time pain of letting go?